I know it's late to reply to this, but seems fine. I'd consult the Java EE EG just to make sure they don't want to use a javax.ee prefix (which seems odd, though). Using the predominant/"root" package for the module is what I'd recommend too.


On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 10:22 AM, Gunnar Morling <gunnar@hibernate.org> wrote:

Java 9 is still in the works, so it's too early to put anything final
into the BV spec, but should we add a recommended module name for API

My thinking is to have a short appendix stating:

    "Implementors that wish to provide the Bean Validation API in form
of a Java 9 module,
     should use the module name "javax.validation". A mandatory module
name will be
     defined in a future revision of this specification".

A commonly agreed on module name is required by Jigsaw to ensure
different API modules (e.g. the reference one and the one provided by
Apache) are interchangeable.

I expect further changes to the spec to support Java 9 down the road
(e.g. to resolve message bundles in client modules and to provide a
way for passing in a Lookup granting private access (see [1]), but
it's nothing we can bake into the spec yet.



[1] http://in.relation.to/2017/04/11/accessing-private-state-of-java-9-modules/
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