Did what you suggested. Hope someone will help. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21694596/resteasy-cdi-embedded-jetty-bean-validation-is-ignored


On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 4:57 AM, Hardy Ferentschik <hardy@hibernate.org> wrote:
Hi Abhijit,

first off, this is the wrong mailing list to ask. This mailing list is for development of the Bean Validation specification.
You seem to have a problem with the reference implementation of Hibernate Validator and/or its integration into other frameworks.

You could try the hibernate-dev mailing list, but I think you are not providing yet enough information to get a helpful answer there either.

I would try to include more context - add example code, log messages and potential stack traces. You could set the logging level
to debug and see whether you get some more helpful information or you could even try to step through the code with a debugger to
get a better understanding where things go wrong. Last but not least, I would then post to Stackoverflow to reach a broader audience.


On 11 Jan 2014, at 07:56, Abhijit Sarkar <abhijit.sarcar@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've a Groovy project where I use RESTEasy with CDI (Weld) and deploy to embedded Jetty. What I can't seem to get working is bean validation. The documentation says that adding 'resteasy-validator-provider-11' along with hibernate validator dependencies (hibernate-validator, hibernate-validator-cdi, javax.el-api, javax.el) is enough. But the bean validation is simply ignored by RESTEasy. I curiously also get the following message in the logs:
> plugins.validation.ValidatorContextResolver - Unable to find CDI supporting ValidatorFactory. Using default ValidatorFactory
> I tried registering Hibernate InjectingConstraintValidatorFactory in META-INF/validation.xml but it depends on a BeanManager being injected and blows up at runtime.
> What can I do to get this working?
> RESTEasy 3.0.6.Final
> Weld servlet 2.1.2.Final
> Hibernate validator 5.0.3.Final
> Jetty embedded 9.1.1.v20140108
> * Also asked on RESTEasy mailing list
> Regards,
> Abhijit
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