At apache we have subprojects which can become top level project if they behaves well. Would it be possible at EE level? Idea would be to have cdi-concurrency subspec (under CDI umbrella but not part of CDI itself - know there was appendix in bval for instance). Then for EE 9 if the subspec is proven as good it would become its own spec. wdyt?

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2016-02-28 19:16 GMT+01:00 Mark Struberg <>:

> Am 26.02.2016 um 17:39 schrieb Werner Keil <>:
> Reza/all,
> One of the biggest problems with Concurrency Utilities is, that it started in 2003, then went "dormant" (before the term existed) and was revived to be finalized 10 years later after little or no proper alignment with then state of the art Java EE standards and technologies. It duplicates things, especially in EJB or CDI.

+1 that pretty much sums it up. Concurrency utils is pretty much broken and unusable as it is today.  :/

Anyway, let’s not fight the past - we need a way forward.


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