Hi all

Was reading through the log from this past meeting.  To comment on a couple of points:

- In JMS 2.0 we really wanted to remove the old Queue and Topic based interfaces.  We received a lot of push back from even deprecating them, and the most that could be done was to add a comment to the javadoc dissuading people from using them and only keeping them around for legacy purposes.  Similar to how @New is stuck around, probably forever, any existing classes need to stick around forever.  When it comes to pruning, the pruning is around a technology and not just a small set of classes within a JSR.

- In JDK8, they fixed the binary compatibility issue w/ default methods.  Since CDI 2.0 should be targeting a Java 8 runtime, can we leverage that for binary compatibility, by saying any new methods we add to interfaces will be default methods some ambiguous/not very useful implementation?