See 3.3.1:

"If a return type is primitive or is a Java array type, the unrestricted set of bean types contains exactly two types: the
method return type and java.lang.Object."

On 01/05/2013 12:11 PM, Arne Limburg wrote:

I just stumbled about the org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.implementation.producer.field.definition.ProducerFieldDefinitionTest.testApiTypeForArrayTypeReturn test from the tck,
which tests (among other things) that a bean of type Spider-array has just two types: Spider[].class and Object.class. This makes me wonder, since Spider[] also implements Clonable and Serializable. So my question:

Do Clonable and Serializable belong to the type closure of a bean? If not, where can I find the corresponding part in the spec?


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