Hi all,

Face to faces meetings are a really great idea. But let me give you my 2 cents about this :

Most self-employed contractors, like me, need to pay for the travel and expenses. Which it's fine, I do not expect RedHat to pay for this ;o) But on top of that, we need to take a few days off work, which increases the amount of the bill. In this case, Wednesday/Thursday which are in the middle of the week (and leaves Friday off (another day without billing), or returning to work (which is a bit rough).

Why not having those meetings on Friday/Saturday ? Contractors would only loose a day of work, and can enjoy the week-end by relaxing on Sunday. 

What do you all think ?


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 12:39 PM, Antoine Sabot-Durand <antoine@sabot-durand.net> wrote:
Hi All,

To have a “physical” kick off for CDI 2.0 we organised a Face to Face meeting the 15th and 16th October. This meeting will take place in Brno Red Hat office (in Czech Republic). All the community is invited
Red Hat will offer lunches for the 2 days and dinner on the 15th. Transportation and hotel is note included
Agenda will include :

- Work on the different workshop, starting with the less obvious (parts, Contexts and SPI evolution)
- How to contribute to TCK and RI
- Start to specify new features
- Roadmap for Weld 3.0 (the CDI RI)

We are off course open to other topics link to CDI and CDI 2.0.

If you are interested or have question please let me know. We’ll talk about this on the next wednesday meeting.

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