1.2.6. Relationship to JSF

JavaServer Faces is a web-tier presentation framework that provides a component model for graphical user interface components and an event-driven interaction model that binds user interface components to objects accessible via Unified EL.

This specification allows any bean to be assigned a Unified EL name. Thus, a JSF application may take advantage of the sophisticated context and dependency injection model defined by this specification.

Could this section really be called relationship to Servlets and JSP?
Unified EL is not really part of JSF or JSP. 

My recollection is that you can use CDI managed beans from Universal EL from JSPs.


Thus, you could use it with any framework. Why is there no section on relationship with JSP and Servlets....

What we are really talking about is relationship with Unified EL. 

Anyway... I find the CDI doc implies strong coupling with EJB and JSF that just does not exist in any version of CDI for the most part and certainly much less so with CDI 1.1.

I would reword as follows.... (flawed but closer)

1.2.6. Relationship to JSF, Servlets and JSP

If you use a framework like JavaServer Faces that uses the Unified EL, then it will work with this specification.

This specification allows any bean to be assigned a Unified EL name. Thus, any technology that uses Unified EL, JSP, in a supported container can use beans managed by CDI.

It is rough and perhaps not 100% accurate, but closer to what we have now.

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Word on the JavaOne street....

Section 1.2.3

The Managed Beans specification defines the basic programming model for application components managed by the Java EE container.

As defined by this specification, most Java classes, including all JavaBeans, are managed beans. This specification defines contextual lifecycle management and dependency injection as generic services applicable to all....

My understanding is that these are going away, and it is just CDI for Java EE 7 for JSF managed beans.

Pretty sure I heard Arun Gupta say something like that in the tweetersphere during JavaOne.....

If this is true, we should reword or delete this. Not sure exactly.. But it seems like something needs to be here to say that JSF Managed Beans are deprecated for CDI going forward (if that is in fact true).

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