Hi all,

I was playing with @SessionScoped beans... and wondered if @PostActivate, @PrePassivate and @Remove would make sense in JSR 250 ?

At the moment these annotations belong to the javax.ejb package and are only used in @Stateful EJBs. With CDI scopes, we end up with a few "stateful" scopes (@SessionScoped, but also @ConversationScoped, @ViewScoped...) so why not having the same functionality in CDI ? @PreDestroy and @PostConstruct are already part of JSR 250. So why not having @PostActivate and @PrePassivate as well so they could be used in every bean ? 

BTW, while I was playing with @SessionScoped beans, I asked Antoine to show me how to remove a bean from the session. It's only a few lines of code, but again, why not having a @Remove annotation that does that (the exact same one of javax.ejb.Remove) ?

To summarize, why not taking some of those stateful EJB concerns back to JSR 250 so they could be used anywhere ?

Any thoughts ?

Antonio Goncalves
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