Currently the docs say this.... 5.4.2.

•Behavior of all methods declared by java.lang.Object, except for toString(), is undefined for a client proxy
•Portable applications should not invoke any method declared by java.lang.Object, except for toString(), on a client proxy

I so don't agree with what is in the spec. now on this subject.
(Realizing that it is a work in progress...)

I think we should change this and call the underlying implementation for these methods.

Also equals and hashCode should work by unpacking and comparing the contextual instance.

Off topic....

It would be nice if there was a utility API that implementations had to implement that had these methods

isProxy (lets you know if an object is a client proxy)
getUnproxiedVersion (gives you the underlying unproxied version of the object)

(It may exist already.)

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 10:17 AM, Mark Struberg <> wrote:
Hi folks!

There is a problem still in the chain which is a bit more trickier. It's about equals() on contextual references.

If the 'other' instance which gets compared with is a proxy as well, then we would first need to 'unpack' it and pass the underlying contextual instance into the comparison implementation. Otherwise accessing private fields from the 'other' will actually only hit the proxy, and not the 'real' target.

But otherwise it should work fine.


1.) Should we specify this?

2.) What is the expected behaviour?

3.) Do we like to specify equals() for beans at all?
4.) Is there some established behaviour in other frameworks which heavily uses proxies?
5.) Should we at least specify that 'non portable behaviour results'?


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> Stuart, you had this one worked out right? I believe the spec says the behaviour
> is unspecified.
> On 7 Mar 2011, at 15:52, Mark Struberg wrote:
>>  Hi Pete, others!
>>  Do you remember our discussion about what should happen if equals() gets
> called on a proxy?
>>  Should it route to the equals method of the currently proxied instance?
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