However, only a bean annotated with @LoadAsync can possibly be loaded asynchronously. So, if you just look up your own bean within TemplateUtil and that bean is not annotated with @LoadAsync, you should be fine. The callback will always be invoked synchronously then.


On 2013-03-27, at 1:44 PM, Christian Sadilek <> wrote:

If async IOC is active, the callback will be invoked asynchronously (at least when it first downloads the source for the corresponding bean). You can take a look at the new ListWidget implementation which needs to wait until all callbacks have been executed as well:

Another option is to make use of the InitVotes system:

This is unfortunate but there seems to be no way around it when supporting async bean management.


On 2013-03-27, at 1:29 PM, Eric Wittmann <> wrote:

Is the bean lookup going to be done synchronously though (regardless of
the impl)?  That's very important in this case.  The TemplateUtil is
going to be invoked several times in sequence (different methods).  If
one of the TemplateUtil methods does something asynchronously that's a
problem.  If not, is there a wait-notify pattern that should be used?


On 03/27/2013 01:24 PM, Christian Sadilek wrote:
Actually we have just abstracted that. When you ask for the async bean manager IOC.getAsyncBeanManager() it will work in either case. If synchronous bean management is enabled it will return an adapter where the callback will just immediately be invoked.

So, just always use the async bean manager API.  That code can of course also be generated, if you wanted/needed to.

On 2013-03-27, at 1:19 PM, Eric Wittmann <> wrote:

I think the advent of the async bean manager may have complicated this
though, right?  I don't *think* I can simply get the bean manager and
ask it for the bean (there are a couple of different getters now - one
to get the sync bean manager and one to get the async bean manager).

One thing I tried that worked but that I don't like:  turn the
@ApplicationScoped bean into a singleton and reference it using a static
method.  Ugly but worked.  Ideally I think TemplateUtil should itself be
an injected bean, rather than a class with some static methods.

But that just moves the problem to "how do I reference an injected bean
in code generated by a Decorator/Extension?"  :)

On 03/27/2013 01:13 PM, Lincoln Baxter, III wrote:
To answer Question #3, this would either need to be coded into the call
to TemplateUtil from the BootstrapperImpl code (done in or I believe there is a convenience utility to
get the BeanManager in Errai:

CDI.current() or something like that. Mike?

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Eric Wittmann
< <>> wrote:

   Hey guys.  I've sketched out a proposed approach (not 100% compete but
   ok to start) for i18n.  Would appreciate it if you could take a look
   at it.

   At the bottom you will find 3 questions that I would (in particular)
   love your thoughts on.

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