Hello Errai devs

I've noticed announcement about Errai and I have a suggestion for your Widgets subproject. The thing is that GWT native tree is seriously lacking even for simple applications and - as you pointed out in generall - other trees are not true GWT trees. For this we developed very simple tree and for no particular reason we also open sourced it:


Project works as a 1 to 1 GWT Tree replacement but doesn't have full features of original GWT Tree (animation, lacking most of the handlers actually), but has a few nice features original GWT doesn't have and we now use it in our own projects and it covers 99% of our needs (hover highlights the whole row, whole row is clickable, highlighting works on FF too (original GWT does not), connectors (customizable), optional auto-sorting).

There's a lot of work to be done on it to be full GWT Tree replacement but it's usable already. What I suggest is to have a simple nice tree like this is. Feel free to check it out, me and my co-developer definitely allow you to use it in any way if it is remotely interesting for you. Our front page should tell you everything needed, there is no zip, only SVN trunk, but it's easy to build.

Please, let us know if this is in any way interesting widget for your project - we would be proud to shut down salix tree in favor of your project as its aim is exactly what we need - really fully GWT components.

Best regards

Virgo47 :-)