Hi Erik Jan,

I think both are good ideas! 

The first idea plays into our data sync plans which we still have to flesh out.

Another idea we had for mobile was to expose HTML5 sensor events as CDI events: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ERRAI-261

This could be a new errai module that propagates these events when added to an app.


On 2013-01-10, at 5:30 AM, Erik Jan de Wit <edewit@redhat.com> wrote:


I was thinking about the next steps we could take in making mobile development with errai better.

One thing I fought with in the past developing a mobile application with GWT is that there was the possibility that there wasn't any network. We had to store the things locally and then sync them later. We could create something would do that automatically, we could generate 'offline' versions of the server interface save it in client side database and sync automatically when the connection is there again. For the developer using it the whole experience is seamless.

Creating cordova projects and then setting all the things so you can publish them in the store is a bit a of a pain. We could make this better by having a maven plugin or forge extension to ease this.

That are the ideas I have does anybody have others?

Erik Jan

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