Hi everybody,

I tested jboss forge and I liked all the benefits it has compared to other frameworks for rapid-application development and code generation like Spring Roo, and JBoss Seam (old

versions), especially the fact that it is based on the standard JSF2, EJB3.1, JPA2, CDI and recently the using of Bootstrap CSS ...etc.

We have choosed it for a project that we had just started recently. Nevertheless, I intend to do some customization on the forge-scaffold faces to have a scaffolding to get following results :

1)  primefaces calendar component instead of a <h:inputText> with <f:convertDateTime pattern="dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm"/>

2)  <p:datatable> with <p:column> and <p:cellEditor> instead of <h:datatable>

      with <f:facet name="input"> and <f:facet name="output">.

3) - Add <p:growl/> messages : i added it directly on create.xhtml page.

4) - Remove <h:link> inside columns of the datatable containing the collection of child objects (case of OneToMany relationship)

So my question is, should I start first by adding a module for static code generation based on primefaces components whose project's name will be "metawidget-static-primefaces"

inside metawidget sources, like that of richfaces ? or what ?

If it is right, is this first part of pom.xml correct for this project ?








All suggestions are welcomed.

Thank's so much in advence.


Best Regards,

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