Hi all,

I am developing the website based on the templates and I'd like to discuss about the technologies to be used. I am personally in favor of static generation, since:

- It's easier to maintain
- Changes can happen in a pull-request process.
- No need for a database or any external resources
- It's fast (because it's static)
- Can be deployed using Github's infrastructure
- Templates can be easily adapted

We already do this with the Forge 1 website and it's playing well so far. However since I am not a big fan of Ruby, I am playing a bit with JBake (which uses Freemarker) and found it quite interesting.

We could make it part of a CI job, and fire when changes in the repository happens.

The development branch uses JSF+JPA and it's quite a burden to maintain (sync changes to DB, etc) and it's slow.
I believe the best would be having the data available in Github as a JSON/YAML file and use that in the website generation. Docs can also be generated inside the website through git submodules (with the forge/docs repository).

There is the advantage of not needing extra resources (Openshift gears for example).



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