Hi everybody,

A few hours before 2013 is over, I am very happy to announce that the git-tools plugin from Forge 1 is finally migrated to a Forge 2 addon.

I have transformed the missing functionality and the tests in Forge core addon style: different projects for api, addon, impl (containing the UI commands) and tests. The tests are passing both in Eclipse and in Maven. I have added javadoc to the APIs, README.asciidoc file and some man commands.

I haven't yet issued a pull request for two reasons:

* I am not sure whether you will want git-tools in the core repository or you may want it in another one
* I expect some feedback from your side on my work

You can access the addon code here: https://github.com/ivannov/core/tree/FORGE-1128. Once you build it and install it in your local maven repository (Java 7 and Maven 3.1 required), you may install it by simply running (FORGE_HOME should be set to Forge 2):

forge --install git-tools

You can review the functionality in the README file:


As I have promised, I will send my feedback about the development experience in Forge 2. I will also give you some feedback on the command line shell usage on Windows (and maybe add some JIRAs to Antonio's list). And, Lincoln, I haven't forgot this: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=368230

At the end, I wish all of you and your families a very happy, healthy and successful 2014!