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Create simple Forge facet for Seam that adds the BOM as a managed dependency to a project.

Hey, great idea! How did we overlook that opportunity? Well, glad you didn't :)

Had originally created SEAM-82 for it, but not sure where it should live now?  As part of Seam or in the Forge plugin repository?

I think it fits best under the Seam dist [1]. It's already a multi-module repository, so we might as well just tack on another.
Jason, Brian or Lincoln, want to merge that in?

It'll have to be Lincoln, Forge is no longer under Seam, neither of us have write access 

If we put it under seam/dist/forge-bom-plugin, then you should have write access there. So I suppose we just need to decide if that's the right place first.

I think Lincoln is creating everything under the forge organization.

Now it's clear. He really is trying to take over the world. I should have guessed it ;)

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