Hi Devanshu,

I think that the documentation seems a bit confusing. Actually, you can extract Forge to whatever directory you like. Then you should just add that directory to your path.

IMHO, the docu would sound a bit more clear if the sentence

On Unix based operating systems, this typically means editing your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile; you will need to the following entries:

was changed to something like:

On Unix based operating systems, this typically means editing your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile. Suppose you have extracted Forge under ~/forge directory. Then you will need to add the following entries:

And still the question remains: if you extract directly the zip under ~/forge, then your FORGE_HOME should be (as you noticed) ~/forge/forge-distribution-2.12.1.Final. So even the above explanation is not the best...

Lincoln, George, what do you think?


On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Devanshu Singh <devanshu911@gmail.com> wrote:

I’ve been working on the Issue:Install Forge from CURL

While writing the script I found that the installer extracts to the name :”forge-distribution-2.12.1.Final”. Meanwhile reading the installation documents on the forge website(http://forge.jboss.org/document/installation), I found that the install location suggested is “~/forge/“ (maintaining the bin folder directly inside this). 
Should I rename the extracted zip archive to “forge” inside the script ? or should I modify the path variable?
Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere or if there is an alternate way to handle this. (This is my first outing with open source!).


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