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Since the Infinispan project put together this proposal, you'd need to ask them what they think, but of course if you do participate in this project, the Forge community would love to help with whatever you need :)

I've copied Manik Surtani, who created the proposal, and he should be able to answer your questions.


On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 3:06 AM, madhuri godhwani <frenz.madhuri@gmail.com> wrote:
Respected sir,
I am 3rd year computer science engineering student and this is my first time in gsoc programme.I have a good experience in java programming from past three years .The basic idea of JBoss Forge plugin for Infinispan been proposed in the ideas list  is  of my interest.Sir would you please tell me the details and what are your criteria for the selection of desired candidate.I am really enthusiastic and excited for the project.What do you see in the potential candidate and do you think having intermediate knowledge about java will be sufficient ..

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