Hi Vlad,

it seams you missed to install your brand new plugin full of thrilling functionality :-))
Try in forge command shell:

[no project] $ forge source-plugin <PATH_TO_YOUR_PLUGIN>
***INFO*** Invoking build with underlying build system.

In the end you should see something like:

***INFO*** Installing plugin artifact.
Wrote /home/thomas/.forge/plugins/at/tfr/test/pluginTest/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-52e34ba6-9e54-48e4-b66a-8ac7837068d2
Wrote /home/thomas/.forge/plugins/at/tfr/test/pluginTest/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-52e34ba6-9e54-48e4-b66a-8ac7837068d2/pluginTest.jar
Wrote /home/thomas/.forge/plugins/at/tfr/test/pluginTest/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-52e34ba6-9e54-48e4-b66a-8ac7837068d2/module.xml
Wrote /home/thomas/.forge/plugins/at/tfr/test/pluginTest/dependencies/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-52e34ba6-9e54-48e4-b66a-8ac7837068d2
Wrote /home/thomas/.forge/plugins/at/tfr/test/pluginTest/dependencies/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-52e34ba6-9e54-48e4-b66a-8ac7837068d2/module.xml

This will have installed the plugin in your FORGE_HOME (e.g. ~/.forge/plugins)

To verify the installed plugins:
[no project] $ forge list-plugins

you should see a list of plugins, on my system its currently:

And finally I can use mine:

[no project]  $ newplugin command
Executed named command without args.

Hope this helps,

Am 31.03.2012 12:54, schrieb Vlad Bogolin:
Sorry about the lack of information. This are the commands I execute:

[no project] vlad $ new-project --named examplePlugin --topLevelPackage com.example
[examplePlugin] examplePlugin $ plugins setup
[examplePlugin] examplePlugin $ plugins new-plugin --named ePlugin
[examplePlugin] EPlugin.java $ eplugin
***ERROR*** No such command: eplugin

The alias is the default alias. If i build the project I get no error.

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 7:52 PM, Lincoln Baxter, III <lincolnbaxter@gmail.com> wrote:
Hmm... could you please post the command you used to create the alias?

Always post as much information as possible when you ask questions :) it will help us answer. Thanks,