Perhaps fractions can be modeled as facets in Forge.

That way, if you add a @FacetConstraint to the FractionFacet and install it, the constrained facets will be installed too.

This might help solve your fraction relationship issues

Em 28/01/2016 17:59, "Sebastien Blanc" <> escreveu:
Awesome !

For fractions that has no correspondence they can still be installed with the add-fraction command that was merged yesterday ;)

Le jeudi 28 janvier 2016, George Gastaldi <> a écrit :
Hey Sebastien,

I completed your table with the missing facets. There are some fractions that are not mapped to a facet (like JMX or MSC), so I am not sure how you could address that (maybe we need to create facets for the missing specs, like mail and JCA).

Best Regards,

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 5:30 PM, Sebastien Blanc <> wrote:
Hi Forgers !

As some might know, I'm working, when times allow, on the Forge Swarm Addon ( ).

The next thing I would like to implement, and thanks to Antonio who gave me the idea, is to be able to install Swarm Fractions automatically when a Facet / Addon is installed (and that the project has off course already the Swarm Facet), so for instance, if I do a "jpa-setup" it will also install the "jpa" swarm fraction.

The central piece of that, is having a document / table ,whatever, that describes the best the mapping between these 2 things. Maybe basing it on a facet installation event is not enough, maybe there are other forge command  that should also trigger the addition of a fraction ...

That is why I need your help, I started a document here :

Feel free to correct my mistake, add columns (for Forge command for instance), add mappings !

I don't know if Swarm people watch this list to, otherwise I will ping them on irc as well.


ps : fractions has also transitive dependency between them (I will handle that later, for the next feature ;) )

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