Hmm. For now duplicate things, then let's come back and see what we have on each side that we can abstract once the plugin is farther along, once we know more certainly what we have in common.


On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 1:47 PM, Ronald van Kuijk <> wrote:

I'm currently implementing primefaces scaffolding and come to the conclusion that this does not belong in the metawidget plugin since there is no relation from primefaces to metawidget (There is the other way around, like with primefaces but that is a different issue).

Now there is a lot of overlap with regard to e.g. default templates, page utils etc... All that can be generic and does not need to be duplicated or something, So I was thinking about a more generic facet where some of these things can take place. Is this something you think is interesting for now or should I duplicate things for now?



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