This sounds like a great plan. I've copied Forge Dev so others can comment.

Looking forward to seeing you!

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 2:09 PM, Kevin Pollet <> wrote:

Many thanks!

I've seen that I have the editor rights. I will add informations like Organization and Hometown :-)
I hope I will have time soon to continue my contribution on Seam Forge. 

Some times ago I've made a roadmap of what I want to do on the validation plugin:

* The add-constraint and remove-constraint plugins have to be merged in one constraint plugin (to be consistent with other plugins)
* The constraint plugin commands has to be contextual (e.g. when you are on a class, field, method, the constraint has to be added on the current resource)
* Provide a way to scaffold custom constraints (with one command a constraint annotation will be created with it's validator...)
* Support custom contraints (currently only built-in BV constraints can be added)
* Support Hibernate Validator Annotation Processor (it's always nice to see that a constraint is not allowed on a given type at compile time :-)
* Support method constraints


See you at Devoxx ;-)


Le vendredi 16 septembre 2011 à 20:01, Lincoln Baxter, III a écrit :

Hey Kevin :) I updated the page. Do you still want to make edits?

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Kevin Pollet <> wrote:
Hey Lincoln,

I've just seen you've added me in the contirbutor list of Seam Forge, thanks :-)
There is a typo in my name and I'm wondering if I can correct that, as I have the editor rights?


Lincoln Baxter, III
"Keep it Simple"

Lincoln Baxter, III
"Keep it Simple"