Hi Luca, my comments are inline.

It sounds like you need to get in touch with the authors of these plugins and see if you can get some enhancements made (or submit some pull requests with enhancements yourself.)

As far as your presentation goes, I would just try to figure out what is and is not ready to be shown. It seems like you have identified a number of things that might cause problems during your talk, so you might want to decide if you feel comfortable presenting them or not. If you think you can improve and solve these issues before your presentation, that is another option :) It's up to you. There is no good or bad path for a presentation; there is only what you feel will be good or not, and what you want to show people!

Try the Errai plugin again BTW. I just merged a long-standing pull request that incremented a bunch of versions and fixed a few things.

See below...

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 4:11 AM, Luca Masini <luca.masini@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys, I'm writing this because this friday I'll talk about forge and errai-plugin and I'm getting some trouble.

I try to synthesize in few words:

1) errai-plugin: the generated web.xml is is configured for jetty and doesn't work on JBoss AS 7 (my presentation target) and I needed to remove everything but the DefaultBlockingServlet mapping

Sounds like this will need to be improved. You could submit a pull request with your enhancements, or with with the developer to get it fixed, depending on your time-frame.
2) errai-plugin: pom.xml reference a SNAPSHOT version of errai instead of 2.1.0.FINAL (I think this is due to the fact is a CR1)

Pull request? Contact developer.
3) errai-plugin: generated pom.xml has wrong version and a bad dependency ("org.jboss.weld.servlet:weld-se:1.1.6.Final" instead of org.jboss.weld.servlet:weld-servlet:1.1.6.Final !)

Pull request? Contact developer.
4) errai-plugin: if I install CDI and then I install JAXRS the pom.xml is modified but not the App.gwt.xml file !! Had to modify by hand (with strange errors indeed)

How did you install JAX-RS? I'm not sure what you used to do this, so I can't really comment, but if it's the errai-plugin, then I'm guessing it would need to be patched.
5) jboss-plugin: here the fact is quite involved. I have many heap and perm gen (on 64bit JVM) memory problems, so I looked for a way to configure memory. I saw the plugin has a jvmArgs property but this is never read or written. I had to modify it into the plugin itself.

Pull request and let me know when it's ready :)
6) eclipse forge plugin: there no way to increase memory for the forked forge. Default memory is enough in all situation but when I deploy on JBoss AS7, from time to time I receive OOM errors and I have to kill AS7 and restart forge

Sounds like the Forge Eclipse integration needs a bit of work to allow passing JVM args for memory. I've put an issue in for this:

Am I doing something wrong ?? Do you think I'm following a bad road for my presentation ??

Thank you guys.


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