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Meeting started by gastaldi at 14:09:27 UTC (full logs).

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    Agenda (gastaldi, 14:09:39)
    Status report (gastaldi, 14:14:30)
        I released Forge 2.20.0.Final last week and started work on Forge 3 (gastaldi, 14:15:17)
        I created an addon to allow creation of NodeJS projects:https://github.com/forge/nodejs-addon (gastaldi, 14:17:06)
        (gastaldi, 14:17:28)
        I forked the JBoss AS addon to the Forge organization (gastaldi, 14:19:07)

    Priorities (gastaldi, 14:32:24)
        i am working on Forge 3 to get an Alpha1 asap (gastaldi, 14:32:55)
        I am working on getting a better NodeJS addon. Pull requests are welcome :) (gastaldi, 14:34:28)

Meeting ended at 14:35:06 UTC (full logs).

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    gastaldi (14)
    jbott (5)
    jbossbot (1)
    koentsje (0)

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