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Meeting summary
* Agenda  (lincolnthree, 15:10:47)

* Status reports  (lincolnthree, 15:13:58)
  * Last week I worked on some evangelization, and trying to work with
    the Netbeans guys and a few other teams to get forge promoted into
    some other technologies  (lincolnthree, 15:14:31)
  * Gave a talk on CDI using Forge last week in a JUG... doing the same
    next week in another JUG  (agoncal, 15:17:53)
  * gastaldi is working in the Forge 2 NetBeans plugin  (gastaldi,
  * Working on the Hands on Lab for Devoxx BE  (agoncal, 15:18:55)

* HoL Devoxx BE  (lincolnthree, 15:19:51)

* Refactoring UI Commands  (lincolnthree, 15:28:26)
Lincoln Baxter, III
"Simpler is better."