Hey Ivan,

1) Finish is automatically enabled when the next steps are valid (do not require any input from the user) or is null. 

2) Use a UIInputMany<String> and make it required.

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George Gastaldi

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Data: 03/07/2015 17:46 (GMT-03:00)
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Assunto: [forge-dev] Some questions on wizard steps

Hey everybody,

It's me again, using a new thread for the sake of keeping stuff separated :)

My next questions concern defining wizard steps. There we go:

1) Suppose I define a wizard. But already at the first window the user can say "I am done". And can press the Finish button. How can I specify in a wizard step that the Finish button is clickable. From the docs I got it is just by returning null from the next() method. But I want to have both the opportunity to go to the next step or finish everything immediately. So both Next and Finish buttons have to be enabled

2) That's a more tricky question. In a command window I want to give the opportunity to the user to define one or more security roles. Pay attention to the 'one or more' requirement: the user should be able to enter in one, two, three, four or n text fields the name of the role they want to add to the security constraint. How can I implement that?