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De: Adam Wyłuda <>
Data: 19 de agosto de 2013 21:29:04 BRT
Para: "Lincoln Baxter, III" <>, George Gastaldi <>
Assunto: Gradle Addon status update - Gradle project creation working :)


I'd like to present you first screenshot of working project creation with Gradle addon.

As you could see there are three text editors showing important aspects of this experiment:
- build.gradle - created by Gradle facets, also updated by JPA - Setup Forge command (which added managed dependency, but Eclipse log shows it couldn't resolve something)
- - class generated using JPA - New entity option
- pom.xml - I don't know how it got here, but I'm sure it is not used, as Eclipse log shows that Gradle is being run to obtain info about project (and very interesting thing - performance is much better than in Arquillian tests, for each Gradle run it seems to take only about 0.3 seconds)

Project build file was entirely created and modified using only Gradle facets (if you don't believe you can pull latest version and check it yourself :)).

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