JBoss Forge 2.4.1.Final is now available!

The Forge Team is proud to announce that JBoss Forge 2.4.1.Final is now available! This is the best release so far.

What’s new and noteworthy?

  • Performance: We have introduced some major performance enhancements in the Furnace runtime, so the shell and other features should feel quite a bit snappier. Try it out and tell us your thoughts!
  • Component Upgrades: We’ve upgraded to Arquillian 1.1.4.Final, Aesh 0.52 and Roaster 2.1.0.Final. More stability and new features available out-of-the-box
  • Introducing Roaster (definitely): Our first-gen Java parser has been replaced by Roaster, which has been refactored and enhanced to support lots of new features such as Nested Types, Java Properties, and more.

And that’s not all! Check out the issues below for more info.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues, or have any feedback on usability, at http://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE.

Download Forge

Release Notes – 32 issues were resolved since the last release. Check out all the new stuff!


  • [FORGE-1674] – Forge should add EJB 3.1 dependency
  • [FORGE-1692] – Freemarker includes present in the classpath are not resolved.
  • [FORGE-1701] – REST resource generation fails when DTOs are generated
  • [FORGE-1706] – Adding constraint with regular expression throws an Error
  • [FORGE-1714] – JavaClass.getProperties() returns wrong number of items
  • [FORGE-1724] – Errors in PlexusContainer inutilizes shell
  • [FORGE-1728] – ClassCastException when a wizard is invoked in Eclipse plugin
  • [FORGE-1734] – CCE when starting up the integrated Forge console in JBT
  • [FORGE-1735] – No commands are displayed sporadically

Component Upgrade


  • [FORGE-1471] – Selection of page template is both unclear, and too prominently displayed in Scaffold Setup in Eclipse
  • [FORGE-1682] – Highlighter Scanners should be more extensible
  • [FORGE-1685] – Move the utility classes from the scaffold-api project to a scaffold-spi project
  • [FORGE-1698] – MavenJavaCompilerFacet should use user properties instead of declaring the compiler plugin
  • [FORGE-1715] – Migrate Property used in Validation/constraint support in JavaEE to Roaster
  • [FORGE-1720] – Property should extend AnnotationTarget
  • [FORGE-1721] – Use Roaster in the JavaEE addon instead of java-parser

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-833] – java new-field improvements
  • [FORGE-1626] – Install addon from git repository
  • [FORGE-1681] – Extend the Highlighter for Properties files
  • [FORGE-1684] – Port the MetawidgetInspectorFacade API from the Forge 1 scaffold-x API
  • [FORGE-1695] – Add highlighter for SQL
  • [FORGE-1696] – Add Highlighter for Groovy
  • [FORGE-1697] – Add Highlighter for YAML
  • [FORGE-1700] – Create a ProjectType for a POM packaging type project
  • [FORGE-1702] – Implement possibility to add CommandExecutionHandler to ShellHandle
  • [FORGE-1726] – Remove java-parser in favor of Roaster
  • [FORGE-1732] – Shell does not display execution progress through UIProgressMonitor

Quality Risk

  • [FORGE-1699] – High CPU consumption on Windows and Linux