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Roaster currently only maintains a class structure (add/remove fields, methods, interfaces,etc), not code (method bodies) at the moment. 

There is a JIRA to allow that though.

See the templates addon README to learn how to generate content from a template.

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George Gastaldi

Em 29/03/2014, às 14:43, Antonio Goncalves <antonio.mailing@gmail.com> escreveu:

Hi all,

I'm starting to get a bit more confident with Roaster... and now I would like to add templating. If I'm right, Roaster is nice to add bits and pieces of Java here and there, but it's better to use Templates when there is a lot of code, and mix templating and Roaster for better code customization.

Is there a sample I could use to write a Hello Word ? A template with an "engine" that uses Roaster to add Java code to the template.


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