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I'm relatively certain that we don't support Generic types on method parameters yet, but we do support them on Types and Methods themselves via the GenericCapableSource interface.

Looks like we need to add this to Parameters. Could you add a feature request for this? Thanks!


On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 1:05 PM, Antonio Goncalves <antonio.mailing@gmail.com> wrote:

Still playing with Roaster so I could fix https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1618 (Command constraint-new-validator to create a new validator implementation). I don't know how to do two things (nicely) :

# Parameterize interface

For a constraint, I need to implement a parametrize interface like this :

public class MaxValidatorForString implements ConstraintValidator<Max, Number> {

The only way I could find is passing a String :

final JavaClassSource javaClass = Roaster.create(JavaClassSource.class);
javaClass.addInterface("ConstraintValidator<Max, Number>");

It's a shame because with addInterface(Class), it does the import automatically and things are more typed. But I cannot add types :

final JavaClassSource javaClass = Roaster.create(JavaClassSource.class);

It would be good to have something like :


# Typed parameters

My isValid method takes two parameters. And the only way to add two parameters seems to be by a String

javaClass.addMethod().setPublic().setName("isValid").setReturnType("boolean").setParameters("Number value, ConstraintValidatorContext context").setBody("return false;").addAnnotation(Override.class);

Again, it would be nice to have typed parameters so the import is implicit, and things are a bit more typed :

javaClass.addMethod().setPublic().setName("isValid").setReturnType("boolean").addParameter(Number.class, "value").addParameter(ConstraintValidatorContext.class, "context").setBody("return false;").addAnnotation(Override.class);

So I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or this is not implemented yet on Roaster

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