Absolutely ! Now we just need to find someone to mentor it there ;)

Here are some ideas:

- Create a plugin to allow @Deprecate methods and classes
- Create a plugin for Hibernate Envers (Koen already done that)
- Fix some Forge issues (that would be even awesome ! :) )

On 09/26/2012 12:51 PM, Dan Allen wrote:
As you may have seen, there will be a full-day hackergarten (hackfest / workshop) at Devoxx 2012 [1]. I saw in the logs that you were discussing it at the end of today's meeting. I'd definitely like to see the Forge project represented there. It's a great opportunity for attendees to get hands on with Forge and to get more people interested in contributing.

I'm looking for a few things:

- thumbs up that you want Forge involved
- a list of people that would like to be mentors (looking for 1 to 3 people)

To make the event successful you should perhaps create a wiki (or website) page that has:

- a link to a setup guide so participants are ready to start hacking
- a list of ideas / goals to accomplish; the starter tasks are good for this, or perhaps tutorials (to build experience)

As far as Forge is concerned, I think the focus of the event should be to get people familiar with using Forge and either writing plugins (easier goal) or hacking the core (more lofty goal).

Btw, the hackergarten is a good opportunity to give out mini-cards, buttons or whatever else you have to distribute.


[1] http://www.devoxx.com/display/DV12/2012/09/25/More+Space+and+Content

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