I suggest to talk about this in today's (and/or next week's) meeting. Or maybe have a dedicated phone call?


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On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 12:14 AM, Paul Bakker <paul.bakker.nl@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Dan,

I'm giving a hands-on lab on Tuesday 9.30-12.30 as well, so I can only join part of the day. Happy to help in the afternoon though.

Excellent. Reinforcements just when we need them. I'm also guessing we will have attendees that come in after lunch, so you can focus on getting them going.

For ideas to hack on we could also come up with new features for the Arquillian plugin. There are plenty of people interested in Arquillian and there is a lot more the plugin could do (e.g. drone support).

That was definitely on my list, esp since Arquillian is planning on being there in a big way.


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