Back from Vaca - Hmmm... I think this is one of those lovely windows drive letter issues :)

Could you provide some additional info? (I know you already answered some of these)
  1. Where is Forge installed?
  2. From which directory did you execute Forge?
  3. Which directory should Forge be accessing?
  4. Which directory is actually being accessed?
  5. When/Where is this access taking place? (How to reproduce)



On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 6:51 AM, Richard Kennard <> wrote:
Hi guys,

I've been having a problem installing Forge plugins from Git for a while now, and tonight I stumbled on a little clue. It appears when I type:

    forge git-plugin git://

That Forge (CR2) installs my plugin (on Windows) under:


But it then immediately fails saying:

Failed loading: org.jboss.forge.plugins.aerogear.plugin-scaffold-aerogear:1.0.0.CR2:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-65e6638c-c6ce-4858-8a8a-4edc1d44123a
org.jboss.modules.ModuleNotFoundException: Module
org.jboss.forge.plugins.aerogear.plugin-scaffold-aerogear:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-65e6638c-c6ce-4858-8a8a-4edc1d44123a is not found in local module loader @67d95492
(roots: Z:\forge-distribution-1.0.0.CR2\bin\..\modules,N:\MyDocuments\KennardConsulting\Git\.forge\plugins)

You'll note it is *not* looking under C:\Users\Richard\.forge. It is looking under N:\MyDocuments\KennardConsulting\Git\.forge? Anyone have any idea why
that would be?


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