There is a blog post talking about how to use Mylyn API for that:

Perhaps depending on the Mylyn plugin isn't a great idea, however we may always reuse the source code for that :)

On 05/13/2013 01:50 PM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
btw....these fading windows might look like crap on other OS' check that on Linux at least to check if the API is used in a portable sense.


On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 12:29:39PM +0200, Koen Aers wrote:

I had to do a talk/demo last Friday @ the Eclipse Day in Florence and I included a small Forge2 'Hello world' in my demo. I was not particularly happy with the status bar notifications that now are used in Forge2 for several reasons but mainly because of the fact that they write to the status bar that belongs to the Project Explorer view which is not necessarily visible but also because the status bar is fairly limited. So I decided to experiment a bit with popup notifications that fade in and fade out in the corner of the window. I got this to work just in time for my demo and everybody seemed quite impressed...

I have uploaded a short video to Vimeo showing what I did: Mind that this is just a basic implementation that needs a lot of polishing. It also seems to address Let me know what you think about it and if I should continue in that direction.

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