Good morning, all.

It seems that the Forge community has been hard at work to refactor the Forge 1.x structure to Forge 2. Well done.

I would simply like to migrate a decently complex add-on to Forge 2, implying I would want to find a solid step-by-step tutorial on how I should proceed. However, all of the documentation I have been able to find so far pertains to Forge1. While I feel I'm most likely missing something fundamental here, there may be other folks in the same position. So...

  1. Where can I find a step-by-step tutorial on how to develop and test a Forge2 plugin which accesses Maven libraries and Forge libraries?
  2. Where can I find a cookbook on what functionality different APIs provide? For example:
    1. My new-nazgul-project add-on needs to create or use an existing project structure, implying that it must detect if a project exists and has the correct Maven GAV structure, some internal structure details and the correct parent. I used to do this with a mix of Maven and Forge 1.x functionality, but I wonder how I can find out how to do this under Forge 2.x

So ... I used to use the following resources to create directories, analyze POMs and generate resources. Of course, all is doable using raw JDK and Maven APIs, but likely much simpler with Forge APIs.

    // Internal state
    protected Shell shell;
    protected ProjectFactory projectFactory;
    protected ResourceFactory resourceFactory;

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