in forge is possibile to specify a superType class with generics? How to do this?

My use case is as follows: i have an entity bean, a repository session bean and an abstract class to extend.

1) An abstract repository with all persistence management functionality:
public abstract class AbstractRepository<T> implements Serializable {
public T find(Object key) {
try {
return getEm().find(getEntityType(), key);
} catch (Exception e) {return null; }

2) an entity class like:
public class SImpleEntity implements Serializable {
private String name;
public String getName() {return name;}
public void setName(String name) {this.name = name;}

3) i want to create a specific SImpleEntityRepository like:
public class SImpleEntityRepository extends BaseRepository<SImpleEntity> {}

In ejb plugin i need to do this, to create a "add-extends" command (also for "add-implements"). 
My initial reasoning is this:
- read with reflection the super class, to understand if this class use generics.
             - If the super class is like public abstract class AbstractRepository<T>{}:
                  i need to modify my current class (an ejb) specifying:
                           - or the generic class 
                           - or asking to the user what's the real class to use.

But in forge, I can't do this:

                JavaClass javaClass = JavaParser.create(JavaClass.class);

Some trick for this?