Hey everybody,

As we discussed yesterday, a promised to run the build locally on my Windows computer to see if we have any issues there, fix them and only then address the failing builds on the build server.

I did that, and I have the following observations:

1) The text addon tests failed, mostly because the patterns that recognize the different language elements for YAML, Groovy, JavaScript and HTML are built with the assumption that the end of line character is \n. You know, on Windows it is \r\n. So there were some tests failures. I decided to fix them and only then to continue. But after it took me more than two hours debugging and trying without much progress (fixed only YAML and most of the Groovy) I gave up. I then cloned the repo with git's autocrlf set to false and the tests passed. Nevertheless, we should fix these I guess, if we want our text addon to work on Windows

2) The JavaEE addon failed with a JVM crash (I attached the generated dump files from the three runs that I did). I tried to run it both as part of the build of the whole Forge core, as well as individually. In both cases it failed. I will install a newer version of the JDK and will try again.

That is for the moment from my side. Unfortunately I spent all the time debugging the text addon, so didn't spend any effort on the JUnit command and no email for utility methods so far from me.