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I am not sure this is enough. How can you assure that no compilation errors would occur when @Entity or any other JPA-related class is used?

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George Gastaldi

On 07/06/2015 05:02 PM, Ivan St. Ivanov wrote:
Hi everybody,

I am working on a project that is not mainstream Java EE. Its target is Tomcat, but it uses JPA 2.0 (Eclipselink). I have tailored the dependencies in the pom.xml as well as the persistence.xml.

And now I want to use Forge to add some fields to the existing entities. What I noticed is that when I run the jpa-new-field command for the first time, it also installs the JPA facet. Which in turns adds some unwanted dependencies to my pom.xml and completely overwrites persistence.xml.

I dig into the code and found that the isInstalled method of the JPA Facet returns true when persistence.xml file does not exist and when pom.xml does not contain some dependencies. These dependencies are different for JPA 2.0 and 2.1, but are basically Hibernate JPA API and the Java EE API.

As a result of this, projects that don't target Java EE or that use different artifacts for it or for JPA are going to get their poms polluted and their persistence.xml files overwritten.

So my proposal is to change the isInstalled method to only check for the presence of persistence.xml. What do you think?


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