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On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 6:33 PM, nino martinez wael <nino.martinez.wael@gmail.com> wrote:

Saw Lincoln's forge presentation on java2days.  At our company we use Wicket as web framework. So I want to participate and see how far I can take this..

So im looking for plugin samples, especially the jsf ones? On howto get going, 

In short I need to know howto do these things:
  • Write files (need to write one .html and one .java per page / panel)
See the Built in scaffold plugins: forge-scaffold-jsf/
  • Parse domain objects
  • parse existing wicket files

XMLParser.parse("path, string, or inputstream")
I think some of the things have been done in the jsf plugin?

Yes, see above :) check out the forge sources and look in the scaffold-jsf project.

Hope this helps,

regards Nino

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