Hi all,

As you might know by now, I'm creating a Java EE 6 Advanced training course extensively using JBoss Forge. At one point, I create a set of EJBs.... and I need to create a few methods on each one. 

I was wondering if it would make sense to have JBoss Forge generating methods ?

Until now, Forge creates classes (e.g. jpa-new-entity, cdi-new-bean, java-new-class), annotations (cdi-new-qualifier, constraint-new-annotation...), attributes (jpa-new-field, java-new-field...) but nowhere Forge creates methods. This could make sense in most of the artifacts (EJBs, CDI bean, Java, but also JPA).

Do you think it would be good to have such functionnality ? 

Something like :

ejb-new-method --named findById --return org.agoncal.model.Author --parameters Long id
ejb-new-method --named removeById --return void --parameters Long id
ejb-new-method --named updateName --return org.agoncal.model.Author --parameters Long id, String name, String surname
java-new-method --named doStuff --return String --parameters Integer p1, String p2, String p3

What do you think ?

Antonio Goncalves 
Software architect and Java Champion

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