It looks like the plugin needs to be updated to the latest snapshot if it is not in sync.

If you are using Alpha3, make sure you are using '--ref forge-alpha-3' when you install the plugin.

This should become easier as we get the plugin repository set up.

I hope this helps,

PS. If you could email the dev or user's list in the future that would be great. Thanks.

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 10:30 PM, rimolive <> wrote:
Hey Lincoln,

I'd like to test richfaces-forge-plugin but if seems that this line does not work then install plugin:

  public RichFacesPlugin(final Project project, final Event<InstallFacets> event)
     this.project = project;
     this.installFacets = event;

Only when I remove the Event<InstallFacets> from the constructor I can successfuly install the plugin and even run the commands. Could you give me any suggestion about what I did wrong?



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