Hi Artur,

We didn't interact very much but thanks for your work and for this insightful feedback.† I hope you can maintain some involvement in Hawkular and best of luck with your studies and future,


On 8/23/2015 5:47 PM, Artur Dryomov wrote:
Hey everybody,

As some of you might now, this year Iíve worked (am working) on the Hawkular Android Client project. As a result, Iíve received a good impression about the API and Hawkular itself mostly as a regular observer, because I wasnít directly involved in planning or the development process.

I must say that Hawkular is evolving and it is of course great :-) As a side effect some things are changing and Iíve needed to keep up though. This is not a bad thing, just a notice. The documentation side of the project improved drastically in some placesówe have nice graphs at this point [1] which before I had to draw myself to understand how things actually work [2]. Also, new logo!

From the API standpoint and observing the system at whole some things can be improved though. There is a famous Hawkular-Persona vs. Hawkular-Tenant header battle serving a great example :-) I tried to post some thoughts I had in the process of working with the API. Iíll try to open some more if anything will come up, but this will do at this point. Some things are pure nitpicking, so feel free to close and comment ;-)


Thanks everybody for your kind help! This was a great summer working with you guys and I look forward to continue to improve the Android client (at least).

Thanks again!


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