It's not totally clear what we want to do in Hawkular to configure the smtp server for use with the e-mail action plugin for alerts.  OOB WFly is configured for smtp server localhost:25.  This generally does not work in dev envs.

So, we deploy the e-mail action plugin, we supply the e-mail address in Hawkular user registration, and then we just generate server log warnings when it doesn't work.  It's easily remedied with a a manual edit.  For us we can set it to the RH corp smtp server, which will work fine as long as you run from behind the VPN, or on the corp net.

We could hardcode this into our Dist but I'm not sure if we want to publicize that host.

Otherwise, a manual edit is required unless we provide for some sort of build-time command line prop to be applied to Dist by the build.