I'd like to open the discussion to *anyone* on something light: Hawkular Goodies ;) 

I would like to get some goodies to give away at conferences, for contributors...

I would like to have something that is not going to the trash right away, something you would want to have (and doesn't cost a fortune ;)).

I am personally not fond of T-shirts as we usually get many at conferences unless the design is really fun/original.

So please make your proposals and then we can vote, we may end with 2 results, cheaper to spread more/slightly more expensive for special occasions.
Maybe you saw/received something fun/useful in the past.

Example of something original:
Atlassian socks: https://twitter.com/tgrall/status/664728176266997760?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=tgrall&utm_content=664728176266997760 

Don't be shy :)

If we go to the end with your idea, you would definitely get the first item ;)