Lucas and I were talking over jira [1] which has to do with metrics/alerting scale.  This was discussed a bit on IRC recently as well.   Today, metrics publishes all datapoints to the bus (metrics and avail go to different topics).  The only consumer of that data is alerting, and it consumes a small fraction of the total data (actually it consumes none of it OOB at the moment, but that will hopefully change as Lucas's alerting work comes on line in MIQ).

Although in its purest form this publish-it-all is the essence of bus publishing, we both feel it's an unnecessary waste of resources, as metrics can reach very high volume.  There are a few approaches to reducing the publishing/filtering that we're currently doing.  The options we discussed boil down to:

I'm purposefully not going into much detail at this point.  I'd rather we talk out a preferred approach between these two, or something not presented.  But we'd like to move away from the current publish-it-all approach.