This is great news!   Congratulations all!  

So since Hawk-Metrics is consumed by Openshift 3.1 ....and Openshift 3.1 is 17 days from GA ..... please help me understand this release a bit more.  I am curious now how this Hawk-Metrics release stream relates to the Openshift stream.      

Is it?  

Hawk-Metrics Version            Openshift Version
0.8.0                                        3.1
0.9.0                                        3.1.1??  

Or ... is there no direct intersection of the Hawk-Metrics release stream and the Openshift stream ... because there exists the Openshift Origin Metrics project ?   [ https://github.com/openshift/origin-metrics ]

The reason I ask is the use-case around patching Hawk-Metrics for Openshift 3.1.    Visualize this perhaps unlikely scenario, ...a bug is found in Hawk-Metrics in Openshift 3.1 that we need to address.  

I just want to understand this a bit more ...how these projects are coupled ... as the answer is important to the continued support and new feature development of metrics as it relates to the 1 consumer of Hawk-Metrics ...OSE 3.1. More generally, I would like to understand how this stream of Hawk-Metric releases is related to the OSE stream ... what the plan is there ...particularly as it relates to our ability to deliver qualified fixes to OSE in a timely manner.  

Second topic ...

One thing that has been incredibly useful on Hawkular releases is the developer demo (thank you, thank you, thank you).   The developer demo has had many benefits including: 

As a suggestion, is it possible you could consider performing a developer demo for each release?   I think it would be of great value to those consuming the release, or who may want to consume the release.   I would imagine the consumers of Hawk-Metrics would love to see the new features.   I know ...as a QE ... that seeing the new features is invaluable first step in testing them.  

Third, on a more pragmatic note ... it would be great if ... on each release ...... we could document or share information regarding: 

  • No performance regressions.    We now have Performance CI in place on Hawk-Metrics ...and I think it would be of great value to show documented evidence that there is no performance regression in the release.
  • OSE Integration ... that this release is compatible with OSE ...and does not cause a major breakage.  

Again ... congratulations on yet another release!   Well done! 


Michael Foley
QE Supervisor, Middleware BU 


From: "Stefan Negrea" <snegrea@redhat.com>
To: "Discussions around Hawkular development" <hawkular-dev@lists.jboss.org>
Sent: Monday, November 2, 2015 5:28:58 PM
Subject: Hawkular Metrics 0.9.0 - Release & Beyond

Hello Everybody,

I am happy to announce that release 0.9.0 of Hawkular Metrics was published on Friday. This is a regular schedule release anchored by integration enhancements for Hawkular project via Hawkular Bus.

Here is a list of major changes in this release:

1) Hawkular integration
  * When deployed within Hawkular, the project now publishes metrics insertion events on the Hawkular Bus for consumption by interested parties (HWKMETRICS-83, HWKMETRICS-10)
  * Added support for publishing large amounts of events (HWKMETRICS-315)

2) Improved tag query
  * It is now possible to query metrics by tag via respective metric type end-points: /gauges, /counters, /availability (HWKMETRICS-317)

3) InfluxDB compatibility
  * Added millisecond unit support (HWKMETRICS-32)

Github Release:

JBoss Nexus Maven artifacts:

Jira release tracker:

Hawkular Metrics Clients
  * Ruby: https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular-client-ruby
  * Python: https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular-client-python
  * Go: https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular-client-go

Hawkular Metrics 0.10.0 & Beyond:
1) Continuous agggregation - this has been a long term project goal and we are getting closer with refining the requirements and infrastructure
2) Improved docker and kubernetes support - this is a long term goal for the project
3) Improved tag support - to add bulk tag operations and tag queries
4) Improved aggregate downsampling for multiple metrics - the project has now a base with recently added stacking and uniform support; the goal is to expand the aggregation methods
5) Improved integration of Hawkular Metrics and Hawkular Alerts - this will be added the our long term development goals with the initial integration phase part of the release scheduled at the end of November. Keep and eye on both projects and the mailing list for more announcements.

A big "Thank you" goes to John Sanda, Thomas Segismont, Mike Thompson, Matt Wringe, Michael Burman, Libor Zoubek, and Heiko Rupp for their project contributions.

Thank you,
Stefan Negrea

Software Engineer