Hi Anton,

You're right that at the moment server monitoring is the focus and the only significant feed is the Wildfly feed.  But the APIs should be there to develop a custom feed if you like, to generate your own resources, metrics and alert definitions.   Also, depending on your needs, you could find that your main needs are metrics and alerting, maybe BTM as well, and those components can both be used in a "standalone" mode, independent of the Hawkular framework.  REST APIs are the typical way to interact with Hawkular.  Hawkular Alerts has no built-in UI, I'm not sure if Metrics comes with any visualization outside of Hawkular.

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Hi Anton

It sounds like from your scenario, you are just interested in reporting a specific business event, in which case I believe it is possible to just create your own metric with data points, using the metrics REST API - however I'll let the members of the metrics team comment more on that.

If you are interested in recording more information about your business transaction, then you may want to consider Hawkular BTM. Its currently possible to capture the 'call trace' of a business transaction instance and analyse the information using Kibana - you can also extract relevant properties from the txn (e.g. affiliate) and use that information to focus any queries.

The intention is to integrate at the backend with Hawkular Metrics and Alerts, but this isn't in place at the moment.


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I have been watching the developments of Hawkular, and am really impressed!

I have a few questions about Hawkular.

Hawkular seems to be primarily focused on server metrics and monitoring.

I am, however, interested in exploring the possibility of using it for
monitoring and alerting of specific business events. For example, lets say I
had an online shop and I sold my widgets via affiliates. Would it be
possible to capture the sales event, persist and display metrics - so the
affiliate partner could login and see their activities? And to send such
events to Hawkular, is there a java client?

When using the server agent, are captured events sent async?


Anton Hughes

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