On 29 October 2015 at 14:12, Jay Shaughnessy <jshaughn@redhat.com> wrote:
Metrics and Alerts can both be used outside of the Hawkular framework so really you can store any metric you like, or alert on basically any data you like.  As for Events, the next release of Hawkular Alerts (0.6.0) will include a new Events feature that you may find interesting.  Whereas Alerts are relatively rare, typically involve human interaction, and run through a simple life-cycle; Events are likely much more numerous, representing any sort of happening that a client wants to persist.  The interesting thing about Events in HK-Alerts is that they can be inserted directly via API or can be generated via Trigger, like an Alert.  And Events can also be used as Trigger conditions, to contribute to further Alert or Event generation.

Thanks Jay - this sounds really cool!

I have heard a few times now that hawkular components can be used outside of the hawkular framework. What exactly is the hawkular framework? As an outsider I am learning about Hawkular and its features. There is good documentation on the features, but the underlying framework, not so much. 

Also, regarding documentation, I could not find how to store any 'metric' or data. Specifically, I am looking to store not just a metric but a pojo.

Anton Hughes