On 27 October 2015 at 13:29, Jay Shaughnessy <jshaughn@redhat.com> wrote:
lso, depending on your needs, you could find that your main needs are metrics and alerting, maybe BTM as well, and those components can both be used in a "standalone" mode, independent of the Hawkular framework.  REST APIs are the typical way to interact with Hawkular.  Hawkular Alerts has no built-in UI, I'm not sure if Metrics comes with any visualization outside of Hawkular.


I wasnt aware that the hawkular components could be run separately. 

The BTM module looks interesting, however I am concerned about maintenance. For example, in the configuration example on http://www.hawkular.org/docs/components/btm/index.html, if I were to change the switchyard service names it would break - and I assume there would be no compile time errors? Therefore, using a strongly typed hawkular client to communicate with hawkular would be preferred.

With Metrics, is it possible to add custom data? To illustrate, I have the following use-case:
log events of interest - as a product owner I would like to use all  user events of interest so that the user and system auditors can see what and when a user did something. So, we would log "user John, with user id 1234 logged in at wed 25 oct 17:46. So we would be logging a custom event, and storing custom data.


Anton Hughes