Hawkular Alerts 0.6.0.Final has been Released!

* Event Support

This major new feature incorporates Events into Hawkular Alerts.  Events:

For more on Events there is some general information here (more to come):


And Lucas provides some great examples here:


* WebHooks Action Plugin

Hawkular Alerts 0.6.0.Final introduces a new Action plugin for WebHook notifications. 

There have been some changes to the REST endpoints as we refine the model.

Of course there are fixes and minor enhancements as well.
  A Jira Summary for the release is here:

The next scheduled release is 0.7.0, targeted for December 9, 2015.

Hawkular Alerts Team
   Jay Shaughnessy (jshaughn@redhat.com)
   Lucas Ponce (lponce@redhat.com)